For quite some time I didn't like celebrity perfumes at all. Frankly, I thought they were only made for the profit and celebrities gave their names to them so they will earn more money. Normally, if you see familiar name on the product it will catch your attention faster than seeing a brand that you never heard of. With that idea in mind and after testing some celebrity perfumes in stores I never thought of buying them. Most of the scents were questionable and they evaporated so quickly and that is the thing I hate the most in perfumes. It started to look like celebrity perfumes will never grow on me. I also have to say that I am not a big perfumes person. I am quite of makeup and beauty addict (I even have Coastal scents sicker to prove it) but I was never into experimenting with perfumes. I use to have only one perfume at the time and then when I use it up I will buy a new one. Back then I discovered my favourite perfume Dolce & Gabbana The one (which is still my favourite perfume) and I thought it was my signature scent I will use forever and that my experimenting with perfumes is over. On the other hand my sister always was a perfume expert. She can detect a perfume like no other person I know, knows all the perfumes out there and is always ready to experiment with a new scent. So lets go back to the beginning of my story, like I said I had a bad opinion about celebrity perfumes and then something that will change it happened, my sister bought Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. I smelled it and it was like heaven on Earth. I borrowed it couple of times and was amazed by how long it stayed on the skin. During the day scent even changed and became deeper and more intense. I like it so much that I started borrowing it all the time so at the end my sister gave it to me. When I used it up I got a new bottle and since then I kept repurchasing it and it is one of the scents I always like to have in my perfume collection. Yes, from the one perfume ''I will use forever and ever'' I slowly evolved to perfume collection, and other member of my perfume family that I always repurchase is Christina Aguilera By night. Similar story like before, my mum bought this perfume. She was a big fan of Christina Aguilera perfumes since our cousin bought her the original scent. So one day she bought By night version which I started to borrow all the time so after a while my mum gave it to me (little bit of history repeating?). Later I repurchased it because I couldn't live without this scent. I have to say, although scent is amazing it doesn't last that long, it evaporates a lot sooner then I would like. Still, it is an amazing scent.  To this day those are two celebrity perfumes I love. I also like Gwen Stefani's Harajuku lovers perfumes, especially the design of bottles and I have ''Music'' but I am not sure if I would repurchase it. I like the scent (and the bottle is amazing) but it's the scent I could live without. At the end I am probably a celebrity perfumes sceptic. You can see that I never bought one truly on my own I had to get to love them before I buy them. I think I still don't believe celebrity perfumes are a real thing, some probably are like I came to know, but overall I think they are just a marketing move. But those that are not marketing tricks are incredible so I guess they make up for all of others that are not so good.