Part two of skin care routine, of course it's about night time skincare. I realised while taking these photos that there are a lot of products I use in my night time routine so I split them into two sections: 1) cleansing and 2)toning and moisturizing.
 When it comes to cleansing, I said this before, I like to remove my makeup before I cleanse my face. I just feel weird while rubbing the cleanser over the makeup, like I am pushing it deeper into the skin. I know that this may sound a bit odd but that's how I feel. So I use Bioderma (micelle solution) to remove the makeup first. I soak the cotton pad with it and then I split the pad in two and hold those two halves over my eyes so the makeup will dissolve and when it does I soak another cotton pad and clean the rest of my eye and face makeup. This Bioderma micellar water I am currently using is for the sensitive skin, I've used the one for oily skin and they both remove makeup equally well. I have a post coming up about micellar water and I want to see if Garnier micellar water is a dupe for Bioderma, so stay tuned for that. Next I apply my Alpha H Triple action cleanser on damp face and use my Clarisonic. Triple action cleanser is actually designed to remove makeup so it will clean every bit of makeup, oil and dirt that's left on your skin. You can even use it on your eyes and it won't irritate them (and my eyes are sensitive since I started wearing contacts). I finish first part of my routine by cleaning any leftover eye makeup with a cotton bud, but usually there's no makeup left after I use Triple action cleanser.
Second part is toning and moisturizing. I first use my Clarins toning lotion, no surprise there. Then I apply the serum, right now I use Vichy aqualia thermal serum and it's quite nice I think I like it more that Vichy Idealia life serum. After the serum is absorbed I use Korres Wild rose 24 h moisturising and brightening cream for oily skin. I really like it and I will write review about this cream soon. For my eye cream I use Clinique All about eyes, but if I think my under eye area is really dry of puffy I will apply Bioderma Sensibio Eye contour gel first. It's just that one product I use when I want to pamper my skin a bit. I usually wait for about 20 minutes for all the creams to get absorbed before I go to bed and I read a book or watch some show on my computer while they do. You don't want all the moisturizers ending up on your pillow case. Twice a week after cleansing I don't follow with toner or moisturizer, I use Alpha H Liquid gold instead. You could use Liquid gold every other night but that's a bit too much for me.