Beauty community has been raving about this product so I decided to try it. At first I was excited, for some reason I thought it's all natural product, or at least that it doesn't contain aluminum. The truth is it does contain aluminum (which made me little less excited) but is alcohol free. Idea behind this deodorant is that it is actually a cream that hydrates your armpits, but doesn't irritate them (even after shaving) and of course keeps sweat at bay. 
I like the packaging a lot, it's a tube and has small holes at the end and through them you squeeze out the product. I am always excited when I see something new in products packaging department so that's why I liked it so much. It is very easy to apply, you just squeeze out some cream and spread it on your armpits (thanks to the ''glider'' surrounding the holes). 
Cream is indeed very gentle, it doesn't irritate my skin and it is quite hydrating, though I never actually thought about hydrating my armpits before. There are five different scents (actually four scents and unscented version), I bought Shower clean and it smells nice, like some other Garnier deodorant I had but I can't remember which one. It does protect me from sweating just like every other drugstore deodorant, my armpits are quite dry and not smelly when I use it so it does what it's supposed to. 
Only thing about it I don't like is that it does take me longer to apply it than my usual spray deodorant. And there's that aluminum issue, right now I am trying out aluminum free deodorants, but if you don't mind deodorant with aluminum this one is a good choice because it is alcohol free.