When it comes to getting super white teeth at home I have two words for you: Crest Whitestrips. They are my go to product for teeth whitening and I honestly love them. The ones I like the most are Gentle routine, you get 28 pouches inside and each one has two strips (for both your upper and lower teeth). I tried different types of Crest Whitestrips and I find these work the best for me. You use them for 28 days (one whitening per day),  it sounds long but it actually goes by pretty fast and you only leave strips on for 5 minutes a day. I never had problems with teeth sensitivity while using them, but bare in mind my teeth are usually not sensitive. Here are my tips for whitening in general and using Whitestrips.
-Don't use whitening toothpastes all the time. They are pretty abrasive and can damage your teeth enamel if you use them too much. The best thing to do is to alternate use whitening toothpaste one month and non whitening the next.
-While using any whitening method, don't use whitening toothpaste at the same time, it's too much for your teeth. Use regular of enamel protecting toothpastes.
-Floss every day. Lot of people already do this, or at least know they should but flossing is important for white teeth, especially while you are whitening them you need to floss, otherwise areas with plaque will stay yellow. I recommend flossing in the morning and then whitening at night, don't use any whitening method right after flossing, your gums will be grateful.
-Use mouthwash every day. Again, pretty much common sense, you need to remove those plaque creating bacterias.
And now tips for using Whitestrips:
-Bare in mind that enamel is more prone to staining while you are whitening, so try to drink less coffee, tea and orange juice. I really can't live without neither of those so I try to use mouthwash or gum right after drinking them. Also, using a straw is helpful (drinking coffee with a straw, yes, it's possible).
-Wipe your teeth with a tissue before putting a strip on them, it will stick to them easier if they are dry (well, as dry as teeth can be).
-If you have problems with fitting a strip (strip not covering all visible teeth etc.) try cutting them with scissors until they fit. I know this is a bit risky, especially for Gentle routine strips which are very thin, but it can be done. 
-Push the strip gently between your teeth, you don't want yellow areas between your white teeth.
-Don't use strips more than two times a year tops. Try using them only once a year, but if you can't help yourself two times is the maximum amount of times you should be using them.

I hope these tips are helpful for those of you that are trying to get whiter teeth. Also, remember to stop using any product that is causing severe tooth sensitivity. Some people may experience mild sensitivity, and that is normal (like I said it didn't happened to me) but anything more than that is a signal something is wrong, so better be safe than sorry.