This moisturizer is the first product form Korres I've ever tried. Moisturising oily skin is never easy, the moisturizer has to hydrate well without overwhelming the skin. This one is for oily to combination skin so I decided to give it a try. Packaging is really nice, glass container with a plastic lid. I personally don't mind jar containers, I know some people do because they are not sanitary (you put your fingers in the product every time you apply it). If you are concerned about that you can always use little spatula to get the product out. Cream smells amazing, I imagine that's how Aphrodite's skin smelled like (Korres is a Greek brand). Texture of the cream is very light, something between cream and gel. Skin soaks it up immediately after I apply it. Most of ingredients are natural (96,8 % to be exact) but it does contain alcohol and fragrance and that bugs me a bit. Although it contains alcohol its pH is neutral. I use this cream as my night time moisturizer. It does a god job hydrating the skin and doesn't break me out. My skin looks fresh and glowy in the morning (and a bit oily, of course, oily skin will be oily skin). What I like about it is the fact that it is made from mostly natural ingredients, doesn't break me out and isn't overwhelming on the skin. I don't like that it contains alcohol and fragrance (but, still because of  fragrance the smell is divine) and it isn't that rich as I am used for my night time cream to be. Also, my face was stinging from it a couple of times, that's probably because of the alcohol in it. As far as brightening goes, I didn't notice my face or couple of dark spots from pimples get any lighter. Overall, this is great cream for oily skin, but I'm not sure if I will repurchase it, like I said I am used to a bit richer night moisturizer.