For a makeup lover there's no better feeling than the one when you sit down to do your makeup in the morning, and all the brushes you need are there clean, organized and ready to use. But to get there you first have to build a brush collection. I'm not saying you need hundred brushes, just couple of good quality brushes is enough to get you started and help you achieve any look you want. These are the brushes I use the most, I don't use all of them every day but they are all in my ''everyday'' brush holder (it's actually a glass from the candle I burned), I also have ''special occasions" brush holder that contains brushes I use for my more complicated makeup looks and ''rendom brushes'' holder where I keep the rest of my brushes.
So these are my most used brushes:
Sigma Large powder-F30 This one I use for, you guessed it, powder. It's really soft and gentle on the face and I recommend it for both pressed and loose powder. You don't get much coverage when applying powder with this brush (although it depends on the powder) it's the best for setting the concealer or liquid foundation and for natural looks when you wear just a bit of powder.
Ecotools Bamboo blush brush is the best blush brush I ever used. It gives you the most natural blushy cheeks and you can mix different blushes with it. Your blush won't look patchy or uneven when you use this brush. It's also incredibly soft.
Coastal Scents Fan brush I wrote about it before, you can use it to remove eyeshadow fallout or you can put powder under your eyes first to catch the fallout and then brush it off with this brush. It definitely pays off having it in brush collection, it saved my cheeks from dark shadow spots on so many occasions.
Sigma Large angled contour-F40 Looking for a good brush for contouring without looking like you have actual number 3 written in bronzer on the sides of your face? Then this is a brush for you. It picks up just the right amount of product, distribute it evenly and it's angled which makes contouring easier.
Real techniques Pointed foundation brush I love Real techniques brushes and this one is no exception. I use it for concealer when I have larger areas to cover (hello nose red from squeezing blackheads).
Sigma Large shader-F60 is my go to brush for all over the lid shadow application.
Medium angled shading-E70 is great for applying eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes.
When it comes to blending the shadow, or applying darker shades in the crease I will use Sigma Tapered blending brush-E40 or Sephora's Crease 230 brush. Both are very good brushes, Sigma is better at blending and Sephora for applying the colour in the crease.
For combing the brows I use, surprise, surprise, a brow comb. Mine is from Sephora  and I didn't have any problems with it so far (teeth broke pretty easily on my other brow combs, but not on this one).
If I want to draw outlines for eyeshadow I will use Urban Decay Good Karma shadow brush.               
 I do highlighting in the corners of my eyes and under the brows with the smallest shadow brush from Coastal scents 22 piece brush set. 
Second smallest from the same set I use for applying dark shadow on the lash line.
I fill my eyebrows in with Brow brush (Number 10) from Sephora. This is a good brow brush if your eyebrows are naturally thick and you just want to fill them in a little. It's not precise enough to create the brow shape (it can be done but it looks messy).
Sigma Small angle-E65 applies gel liner very precisely and I sometimes use it for dark shadows, when I want to outline my eyes with shadow instead of eyeliner.
Sigma Concealer-E70 Concealing is half of my makeup on the days when I don't wear liquid foundation, so my concealer brush has to be up for the challenge. This one is really good for covering spots and pigmentation and it's perfect size for concealer brush.
 Like I said I don't use all off these brushes daily, but If someone stole these brushes (maybe Aliens in some weird Earth culture discovering experiment?) my everyday makeup wouldn't look the same. Hope this post helped you in choosing the right brushes for your brush collection.