Highlighter is probably one of my favourite makeup products. It can make your best features pop and give amazing glow to your face. When it comes to different highlighter types I like the ones that are natural and invisible (well, almost invisible) on my face as well as the ones that are visible (not white line on the face visible, more like stronger glow). In my opinion best highlighters are ones that blend well and don't look white on the face. Best of them all (and probably most raved about) is Benefit's High beam. I love it, it's so easy to apply, I just put couple dots on the back of my hand and use my brush to pick it up and dab it on my cheekbones. The glow it gives me is more frosty than completely natural, but it doesn't look weird. My second favourite are MAC Cream colour bases in Luna and Pearl, those are the two lightest shades. I apply them with my fingers, warmth of your fingertips melts them so they are super easy to use. They give me healthy and very natural shine, Pearl is a bit shinier but more natural while Luna is whiter and less shiny (again, not crazy or unnatural white). For more of the casual glow I use Alverde's Powder camuflage. It is actually designed to brighten under eye area, it is a light powder that smells amazing and brightens up any area on the face without being shimmery at all. Too Faced Candlelight is a bit different from the rest of the bunch, it has golden particles in it, is completely invisible on the skin but reflects light (thanks to those particles I guess). If you want really natural look, this is a best highlighter for that. I use brush to apply it, but you can also use your fingers it's very easy to blend. And remember, less is always more when it comes to highlighters, especially when it's sunny outside.