Statement necklaces are one of today's most popular jewelry pieces. And no wonder, they go well with any style from alternative to girly, you can wear them for any occasion, from office hours to black tie events. Also, they can completely transform an outfit, simple shirt looks too boring? No problem, just add nice statement necklace and you are done. I divide my statement necklaces in three categories: super big and chunky, medium size and small and dangly ones. Super big are those that really pop and are the first thing you notice in an outfit. With them I usually don't wear lot of other jewelry, it tends to look overwhelming. If you do a lot of layering this type of necklace goes really nice with the rest of the clothes. My favourite at the moment are these three above, first one is from H&M, and the other two I found in random shops. Medium size necklaces go well with anything, without looking too flashy or in your face. If you are going for a casual look they are the perfect choice. I've been wearing these the most lately, first one is from H&M, the one in the middle is, again, form a random  shop and the last one is from Accessorize. Last are small, dangly ones. Most people probably wouldn't even consider these statement necklaces, but I do, they complement an outfit the same way big and chunky necklaces do but look completely casual and are great for both relaxed and elegant looks. You can also layer them, but be careful, you want that chic and boho look, not the crazy necklaces hoarder look. Most of my necklaces are dangly, I used to be obsessed with them. These I wear the most of them all. Triangle one I got in department store in Rome,  I don't remember the name of the brand. One in the middle is Tiffany's key (pendant is called Vintage oval key pendant). The last necklace is vintage from the 60', my mum's cousin gave it to her a long time ago, and later she gave it to me. I hope this post inspired you to look through your jewelry and find some pieces you forgot you had or to incorporate more statement necklaces in your outfits.