I love wearing boots, actually most of the time I wear boots. If you are a fellow boot lover than you know the feeling. No matter how many boots I own there are always couple of pairs that I wear the most, I think it's the same way with all the clothing and shoes (like that one black bra that you can't take off). These are my favourites that I've worn the most in the past year.
Topshop Mighty leather boots
These are, let's say, ''inspired'' by Acne Pistol boots. I actually like Topshop boots more because the leather is matte. They are incredibly comfortable and since I've bought them I've been wearing them all the time. Heel is just right, not too high and not too chunky. They go with everything, from sophisticated all black looks to boho 70's inspired looks when I wear them with flares.
Minnetonka Tramper moccasins
 I don't wear sneakers much so instead of them I wear my Minnetonka moccasins. They are super comfy, like two clouds wrapped around your feet. Because of that they are soft and don't give much support to your feet, so if that's something you look for in shoes they might not be for you. All that aside I love them and wear them for running errands or if I need to look stylish but have to spend whole day on my feet.
 Burberry Belted Equestrian Rain boots
When it rains I like to wear my rain boots so I can walk freely without thinking about ruining my shoes. Hunter wellies are all over the place, but somehow I don't like their design. Burberry rain boots are just right for me and are surprisingly comfortable for rain boots. I owned all kinds of rain boots before and had a bad experience with Topshop rain boots, one boot broke in half and the lining in the other started falling apart. Dav makes nice inexpensive rain boots and I plan to try them out soon.
Circus by Sam Edelman Gillian boots
These are my new favourite snow boots. You know how it's always hard to find pretty, waterproof and warm winter boots? I struggled with that for some time and always managed to find boots that are either warm and waterproof or pretty. And then I found these, fell in love with them, bought them and tested them this winter. They are so amazing that I want to wear them all the time, even when it's not even snowing.