I've pretty much tested out all foundation types that are out there. From liquid, over powder and compact all to the mousse foundations. And I really like liquid foundations but they feel too heavy on my face to wear them every day. My next favourite are compact foundations and I find that they work the best for oily skin. Here I have to make a difference between finishing powders and other compacts that you use to set your liquid foundation and compact foundations. There are a lot of pressed powders that are only for setting your make up and won't give you a lot of coverage like an actual compact foundation. Sometimes I do dust my face with a little bit of pressed powder just to set my concealer but most of the time I will wear foundation. So here are my favourites that do the job for my quite oily face.
Max Factor Facefinity compact is really good foundation. Coverage is amazing and it will make your skin look super smooth and flawless. It lasts all day and even if you get oily during the day it won't look cakey. It has SPF 15 in it which is definitely a plus. Only thing that I don't like about it is that if I use it every day, after a while, pores on my forehead (which are the smallest pores on my face) will get clogged and small pimples will start to appear. This only happens when I use this compact often, I think it's because of all the silicone in it (and this has a lot of silicone). That is a real shame because I like the foundation a lot. I use it on special occasions because it gives really nice finish but I can't use it every day if I want to have a decent looking skin on my forehead. However, I still love this foundation because it gives me the perfect complexion and stays like that until I take my make up off.
Benefit Hello Flawless is my favourite foundation of them all. It gives me the most amazing finish and is so silky and smooth. It covers minor flaws but for some huge spots I need a bit of concealer before I apply the compact. If you get oily foundation will adapt so you will have a dewy look by the end of the day so you can blot if you like (and it won't look cakey) or you can leave it like that. Good thing about this foundation is that you can build up the coverage as much as you want and it will never look cakey! It has SPF 15.
Lancome Teint miracle compact is very similar to Benefit's Hello Flawless, but gives a bit heavier coverage and last longer. It will also look the same as when applied during the whole day and will rarely look dewy or oily. However couple of times it did look cakey on my skin, but that was my fault because I applied too many layers of it, two layers is okay but don't follow with the third one. You don't need it, the foundation will stay put without it and you will only make a cakey mess on your face with that third layer. It also has SPF 15.
Shiseido Pureness Matifying compact is the kind of foundation that will stay on even in the hottest summer days. It gives a medium coverage and has a pretty dry texture that looks quite nice when applied. It is a prefect foundation for summer and has SPF 16. My skin never gets cakey with this foundation, it stays flawless during the day. Only thing that I don't like about it is that it dries out my skin, which sounds pretty impossible because my skin is quite oily but its formula somehow menages to dry some areas on my face and I don't like that. Again, it won't do that if I use it from time to time only if I wear it every day. This foundation will be perfect for the people with extremely oily skin.
Alverde Kompaktpuder (Compact Powder) isn't technically a foundation but I use it like it is. Like you can tell from the product name it is a powder, but it has really silky texture so you can apply couple of layers and wear it as foundation. Alverde cosmetic and make up are completely natural so this powder is better for your skin than some more expensive foundations with hundreds of harmful ingredients. Coverage is light to medium but is definitely buildable even to high coverage. Texture of this powder is similar to Shiseido's compact but it never dried my skin. It will last whole day but if you apply only one layer it will get dewy so blotting is necessary for maintaining matte finish. The problem with Alverde powder is that it only has three shades, I was lucky enough that the middle shade fits me perfectly but I know people struggle with their shades. If you manage to find the right shade I highly recommend this product.
I have a love-hate relationship with Sephora mineral Foundation Compact. Its texture is really nice and it covers just right. But by the end of the day my pores look super huge (or at least I think they do). Everything else about it I love, my skin doesn't look oily when I wear it, it actually looks nice and silky, but at some point my pores start to emerge. I don't know what it is, most of the time it doesn't bother me, but if I am going out with my morning make up (I know, super brave) or I need my face in the perfect shape at the end of the day I probably won't risk it with wearing this foundation. Besides that this is a nice foundation, it doesn't look cakey and will keep the oil at bay.