Wedges are definitely one of my favourite types of shoes, I love them. However there are wedges I avoid. Yes, I am talking about those enormous, super high wedges, I feel they look too chunky and big.
Every time I think about them I imagine huge sandals trapping someones feet. I don't like them, and frankly I've never understood them. How do one walks in them without falling or getting foot cramps? That will remain mystery for me. 
Other kinds of wedges are my dear friends, especially wedge espadrilles, best summer shoes in my book. Elegant wedges are second favourite. They combine classic look of  elegant heels and feet support of wedge shoes. 
The prettiest pair I own are Asos Harmonica wedges. Besides being beautiful they are quite comfortable and easy to walk in. After a while your feet will be sore, because they have no platform, but the pain is manageable. Also, they make up for the pain with making your feet look gorgeous. These shoes go well with any outfit, form jeans to black tie dresses.