Namaste! So you decided to start yoga. If you are like me thousands of questions are running through your head. What to wear, where to practice, do you really need your own yoga mat? In the spirit of yoga, take couple of deep breaths and relax, because for yoga you need only couple things.
 I first started doing yoga at home, after that I found really good class and practiced there for a while and now I'm back to doing yoga on my own because I don't have much time for classes with instructor. My advice is to find out what works the best for you. Some people like to work out in groups, others on their own, there are people who can't force themselves to work out, so they need commitment and support of instructor, etc. Again, find out what works the best for you. In both cases here are the things you'll need.

Yoga mat
Most of yoga places where you sign up for classes will have mats, but I recommend getting your own. This way you can practice at home if you miss a class. If you decided to do yoga at home, then you definitely need a mat. I heard some people do yoga on a towel, bad idea, the towel will move and isn't soft enough so you will be very uncomfortable. Now days you can buy yoga mats everywhere, I got mine online but can't remember the name of the store, it was three years ago.
Small towel
You'll need it for all those poses where your face is on the mat. It does make sense not to put your face directly on the mat when you spend so much time on skincare. I actually didn't do this before and that resulted in my forehead breaking out (I blame you, child's pose). 
You shouldn't drink water during the practice, but you need to hydrate before and after. Have your watter bottle ready, your body will lose water while you do yoga. I use my Bobble, it's bottle that filters water while you are drinking it. It's BPA, Phthalates and PVC free so it's safe to use and good for the Planet.
Workout clothes
Don't go crazy with yoga clothes, you don't need Stella McCarthy seamless yoga pants to do yoga. I prefer three quarter length leggings and tank tops. These in the picture are from H&M. Make sure your clothes is from natural materials, like cotton, you will feel much more comfortable. I always wear sports bra while working out, this is personal preference but I do recommend it. The one I love is form Tre Orsi.
Yoga app
If you are working out at home yoga app makes it much easier. My all time favourite is Pocket yoga, you can get it form iTunes for 2.99. When I started using this app it was free, but unfortunately it isn't anymore. It's still a great app and worth paying for.

I love doing yoga, it helps me relax, be more focused and face stressful situations. If you want to start doing it, go for it! Even if you are not into sports or think you can't do it, you can, it just takes practice.