Sigma is of course known for their brushes and I have to say I somehow put them in "good brushes" category in my brain and haven't thought about buying Sigma makeup. Sure, couple times I thought about getting their Paris palette (because it is gorgeous!) but I never did. 
While I was shopping for some brushes on Sigma website I wanted to get some makeup as well (at that time my fascination with pretty Paris palette was over) and I saw their eye shadow bases. When I am in the rush and have little time to do my makeup I usually dab some creamy eye shadow on my lids and apply mascara so I figured if these turn out to be shadow bases I don't like I could use them for that. Also, if I want really dark black smokey eye I use black base under eyeshadow.
 I got ''Bare" eye shadow base kit (because you can't test a product whit just one shade, right?), the shades looked wearable and universal. In this kit you get three shades: Persuade-creamy, matte nude, Pose-shimmery, blendable brown and Sculpt-glittery and very pigmented black. They come in pretty box with eyeshadow base brush. The brush is good, but I don't use it much, I usually apply them with my fingers. 
I like these bases a lot. Sculpt turned out to be perfect for smokey eye, just the right amount of shine peaking out under the shadow I apply over it. Like I said, it's very pigmented so if you dab on two layers you don't even need shadow over it.
 Persuade creates perfect nude canvas for any shadow and can be worn on its own.
 I wear Pose like eyeshadow, I almost never use it as a base, although I wore it couple times under Toasted and Hustle from Naked one palette. All the shades last a long time, don't smear, are easy to apply and look gorgeous on.  They can be worn on their own or with other shadows without making other shadows look cakey. Bases have protective lids so they don't dry out if you don't use them often. Now when I tried them I definitely want to try more Sigma makeup, Paris palette, wait for me!