Garnier is probably the brand I have used the most in my life, or at least it looks like that, when I come to think of it. Before I started to use all those fancy highly pampering and without harmful ingredients face products I used pretty much everything Garnier (and some Neutrogena). Garnier Pure Shine control moisturiser was the only product I wore on daily basis. I didn't even use foundation over it, I would only use my toner and then Garnier's moisturiser and that's it. My skin would look perfect and shine free all day. This was my skincare routine for years until Garnier changed formulation of this moisturizer. The ''new'' moisturizer was nothing like the old one, it didn't mattify my skin enough and it would look oily after couple of hours. I was quite disappointed with this change so I started to try out other moisturisers. Still, I didn't stop using products I liked and there are a lot of those. These are my favourites and in my opinion the best products from Garnier.
Pure Active Blackheads uprooting scrub is a scrub and treatment all in one. It has little beads in it that do the peeling and salicylic acid that treats pimples and blackheads. I love using it in the morning, it has a cooling effect so it wakes my skin. It does a good job in fighting blackheads and breakouts. I apply it all over the face and then I leave it on while I brush my teeth so the salicylic acid will have time to work. I wash it off with water and it leaves my skin refreshed and clean.
Pure Active Anti spot wash with vegetable charcoal will clean your skin so well that it will for real be squiki clean. This is a great face wash for people with sever acne or breakouts. I use it when I break out, I wash my face with it for a few days until the  face clears. It is a bit too strong for me to use it all the time, but it is an excellent product.
I already mentioned Pure active 3 in 1 wash scrub & mask on my blog, it is by far my favourite Garnier product. Like I said I repurchase it the second I run out. I use it only as a face mask, it dries out all the pimples and clears imperfections without drying the skin or feeling too tight on the face. My face looks amazing after I use this, it even keeps oily at bay my skin is less oily during the day when I use this in the morning.
Any Garnier Fructis hair product is amazing. If you never tried their hair products I highly recommend them, especially conditioners and masks. They make my hair smooth, silky, easy to detangle and they smell wonderful.
My favourite BB cream on the market is Garnier BB cream miracle skin perfector for combination to oily skin. I tried the original one, before the one for oily skin was out, and that one was horrible, the texture is too thick and it simply melted of my face in couple of hours. So my hopes weren't high about this one for oily skin but I still decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. It makes my skin look flawless and stays on very long without looking oily.
Caffeine anti dark circles roll on does a great job fighting puffiness and dark circles. I use it for my ''no makeup'' looks or when my eyes are really puffy. I like this one that is tinted so it doubles as concealer, and is a perfect concealer for natural or no makeup looks. I would use it every day but it has alcohol in it and I don't feel good about putting alcohol under my eyes daily.