I know today we all think we need dry shampoo for our second day hair to look good (or at least clean), but not so long ago dry shampoos weren't used that much, or I didn't use them that often. Even today when I have perfectly good dry shampoo at my reach I will sometimes use powder instead. That made me think do we even need dry shampoos? I know this is a bit on shaky ground, it is questionable do we need most of the beauty products we use every day, we all know it's not really the question of need. Still I feel like asking this because I am more of powder than dry shampoo person, to be honest. So without trying to offense dry shampoo (or powder) manufacturers I will write pros and cons lists for both products in question.
Dry shampoo
-it's easy to apply, no fuss and powder all over you
-it's designed for the job so it will do what it is supposed to: make your hair look clean
-scents can be pretty amazing, but it depends on the brand
-there are those for specific hair colours, so brunettes can use them without having gray hair
-if you apply too much you can't shake it out so hair could look weird and be difficult to style
-styling can sometimes be an issue, I find it hard to straighten my hair with dry shampoo in it
-there is the dry shampoo scent, I am not talking about the actual scent, it is some weird powdery smell some dry shampoos have
-you can use it up pretty quickly and have to repurchase it often (especially if you have lot of hair)
-it can make your hair gray if you apply too much or formulation is the type that sticks to your hair
-it is full of chemicals which you rub directly into the scalp
Powder (baby powder, body powder, etc.)
-you can easily shake out the excess from your hair or even leave it until it soaks up the oil and then shake it out
-it will last you for ages even if you use it with a heavy hand
-you can use which ever powder you want and some have really nice smell and won't have that dry shampoo scent
-the hair can be styled without a problem, I never had problems styling my hair after applying powder, even straightening can be done
-there are no chemicals in it, or at least not that much as in dry shampoo
-you can easily make a mess using it, if you aren't used to it
-if you aren't a pro at applying it you can also accidentally put too much in your hair (with some practice it isn't a issue)
-the hair can look grayish if you apply too much or don't shake out the excess
So there you have it, pros and cons about using both products. I have to say, for me it is the question of the mood as well. Some days I will want to use the one, other days the other, and like a true beauty junkie I can't live without having both in my products cabinet.