It's a fact that Bourjois has great makeup. I love pretty much everything I tried from Bourjois, including this mascara. 
However, when I recently bought it I noticed that it became hard to remove it and I didn't have that problem when I used it before. Maybe the formula was changed, so right know I have mixed feelings about it. After this spoiler at the beginning lets get into review.
Packaging looks very nice, again like with every Bourjois product. Wand is my favourite part about this mascara, it's made of some sort of silicone, very easy to use and gives you amazing lashes. 
You can easily apply couple of coats without fear of  crumbles or fake looking lashes. I think my lashes look the best when I wear this mascara, feathery and light and at the same time very defined and prominent. 
This mascara won't crumble during the day even if you wear it for hours. 
Now, to talk about formulation issue I mentioned at the beginning. I remember formulation being same as it is, only it was much easier to remove the mascara at the end of a day. 
Everything else remained the same, colour is super back, it keeps the lashes lifted and gorgeous. 
Only at the end of your makeup wearing day when you go to remove it, something weird happens. It starts to crumble like crazy and even when you think you removed all of it, mascara crumbles will start to appear next morning. 
I don't know what happened, maybe this time I got the mascara that went bad, but this removing problem keeps me from using it every day. Just yesterday I reached for it and then I remembered what a pain it is to remove it and I used different mascara. Other than that this is very good mascara. It gives you amazing looking lashes and keeps them like that until you remove it. Well, if you menage to remove it.