If you never heard about Yves Rocher cosmetics, they are all about natural ingredients at affordable prices. According to Wikipedia Yves Rocher ''was pioneer of the modern use of natural ingredients in cosmetics''.
Although I didn't explore this brand much, I am in love with their shower creams! 
Jardins du Monde is, like the name says, line of shower creams and gels made with ingredients from all over the word. Creams are made from more than 97% natural ingredients. What I like the most is that they are paraben and ethoxyl free. They come in 200 ml bottles and all the scents are to die for, from purple rice (right, who knew purple rice exists?) to more ''common'' scents like shea butter. 
These creams are incredibly creamy and silky, it feels like little SPA experience every time you use them. They foam quite nicely and leave your skin smooth and soft. Once you smell them they will for sure get under your skin. 
My two favourite scents are Coffee Beans from Brazil and Macadamia Nut from Guatemala. Now, of course we can't really know for sure these ingredients came from those places, but it doesn't really make a difference, they smell good no matter what. 
I use Coffee Beans in the morning, it wakes me up (probably because my brain is linking smell of coffee to waking up). Anything that smells like coffee is right up my alley and that's the reason I tried this scent in the first place. 
Macadamia nut is more of bed time shower cream for me, it smells very calming and comforting. Scent is different from other macadamia nut products I tried (yes, even from Macadamia hair mask). 
Both of these are worth trying, they're really something different and one of the best shower products I ever tried.