There are all those important events when we want our makeup to stay perfect. Again, there are those humid and hot days when no makeup will stay on your face let alone look perfect. 
Of course makeup companies have found the solution a long time ago. In fact two solutions: setting sprays and fixing powders. Both are very good in helping your face not to melt, personally I prefer sprays, especially when humidity is super high. 
As far as skin types, my skin is oily, but all these product worked for me.

Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray is the best setting spray known to man (and woman). You won't find any spray better than this. It smells like heaven and will keep your makeup at place no matter what, humidity, sweat, tears have nothing on this setting spray. 
Only thing I don't like is that the bottle is not that great, it's very easy to break the pump.

 My second favourite is Urban Decay All Nighter. Although Urban Decay's De Slick is designed for oily skin, I find that All Nighter works better on my skin. It's oil and paraben free and uses special ''temperature control technology'' to set the makeup and keep it from smearing. All Nighter is amazing in preventing makeup meltdowns in all situations except extreme humidity.

Something a bit different is fixing powder. Artdeco Fixing Powder is great, just note it's not paraben free. On the packaging it says in will give you ''rubproof and waterproof camouflage''. This powder is not that strong as sprays, still it's good enough for not that special occasions, like important meeting or date (definitely not for really important events like your sister's wedding or brother's graduation party).

At the end remember: with great power comes great responsibility, meaning that you should use these products in moderation otherwise your makeup might look weird and be extremely hard to remove. 
I don't use setting sprays every day and when I do I spray them before I apply my mascara. That way I am able to remove it at the end of a day, after all setting spray is a powerful product.