Hair accessories used to be much more sophisticated in the past (no, this isn't my inner hipster speaking). Just look at those Victorian or 1920s hair combs! They are little art pieces, especially ones from Art deco era.
 I recently started collecting (and wearing) vintage hair combs, luckily items use to be made to last so you can still find vintage hair accessories in excellent condition. 
These I got from Etsy and they are from period around 1950s to 1970s. There are all sorts of hair combs out there from different periods and made of all kinds of  materials. Combs from Victorian period and 1920s are usually made from french ivory, which is not real ivory, it's actually material made from celluloid. There are also pieces made from metal or plastic. 
Every country has its variation of hair combs so you can find combs from Indonesia (these are really stunning), India, Sri Lanka... 
Hair combs add elegance and charm to any hair style and they are truly timeless.