Any hat lover has a thing for fedoras. Even if we say we don't like them secretly we are wondering: can I pull it off? In my experience it is important to find right kind of fedora that looks good on you (and doesn't make you look like Bruno Mars or The Blues Brothers). Also, material of the hat counts, if it's cheap-looking it might ruin your whole outfit. When it comes to hair and makeup that go well with fedoras, I find that simple is the key. Bold coral lip + fedora? Sounds OK on paper but doesn't turn out well in real life. If your hat is made of felt or any thicker material, wear it only during autumn and winter or when it's cold. I am usually against ''season restrictions'' when it comes to clothes and I think you should always wear what you feel like wearing, but wool hat on the beach is simply not a good idea. Same goes for straw hats when it's snowing. Now when we covered all the basics you are probably wondering where can I find that perfect fedora hat? Again, it depends on what you are looking for, personally I like Catarzi hats the best. One I am wearing here is from collection they did for Asos. It's classic wide brim black fedora (they have the same hat in other colours as well).