The eye creams, tricky little beauty products, you can't live with them you can't live without them. 
They are that step in my skincare that I have hard time not skipping. At the end of a day I am sometimes just too tired to pat it gently around the eyes same goes for the morning when I am rushing to get ready. However, eye creams are vital for gentle under eye area, they hydrate, fight dark circles and, legend has it, prevent wrinkles. So far they do make only dry area on my face hydrated and prepare skin for makeup. These are my all time favourites, from cheap to more expensive ones.
Bioten Skin Defence Antiwrinkle & Firming eye cream
Bioten is Greek brand that makes all natural skin care. I have to say so far I've liked every Bioten product I've tried. Technically this is anti wrinkle cream, but I do not believe in magical anti wrinkle creams, I think creams like this are just hydrating the skin, which is the thing I am looking for in an eye cream. It smells nice, hydrates well and can be worn under makeup. 
Bioten Skin Repair Antiwrinkle & Firming eye cream
Same goes for this cream, only it's thicker than Skin Defence one and smells better, actually it smells amazing.
Bioderma Sensibio Eye contour gel
Very light eye cream, so if you are just starting to use eye creams this is a good choice for you. I feel that it does make my eyes less puffy. It is designed for sensitive eyes and has no smell. My eyes are sensitive and it didn't irritate them, but none of these creams did.
Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Eye and Lip cream
It is supposed to reduces wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and to protect from free radicals. I noticed my dark circles were less visible and skin looked very fresh. Formulation is fragrance free and quite thick, but skin soaks it up pretty fast.
Clinique All about eyes
This cream actually makes me excited about applying eye cream at the end of my skincare routine. I wrote about it couple times on my blog, so here you can read more about it.
Quick tip when applying any eye cream: give the skin time to soaks it up, 10 to 15 minutes at least. This way you can apply makeup over it easily.