Organizing your jewelry without spending any money isn't that hard as it sounds. Lot of products have really pretty packaging that you can use for storing jewelry. 
Of course you could do a little bit of DIY magic on them to get unique organizers, but in this post I will recommend only containers that are ready to use without any alteration.
1) Plastic chocolate boxes are the best for jewelry organizing. They have to be made out of sturdy plastic, thought, otherwise they won't last for a long time (or look very nice). Ferrero rocher box is a good example. I use it to store my everyday jewelry so I don't have to go thought my whole jewelry collection every morning. I have my most worn pieces in plastic see through container so I can easily pick out what to wear.
2) Asos boxes. If you ever ordered jewelry from Asos, then you know it comes in good quality cardboard boxes. Don't throw these away, they are amazing for storing smaller pieces like rings or earrings. All my rings are in them, smaller one in smaller boxes and big chunky rings in bigger boxes. I even keep my most worn watches in a watch box from Asos.
3) Candle jars. You could play around with these, there are plenty ideas out there on how to decorate them. However, I find that even plain old candle jar can look good and simple with jewelry inside. Just put bangles,  necklaces, rings etc. inside and you are done.