There's no makeup collection without a palette with neutral shades. If diamonds used to be girl's best friend (I know, sounds cheesy, but bare with me) I dare to say neutral palette is today's beauty obsessed girl's best buddy. 
It will have your back on those mornings when you overslept and have 5 minutes to do your makeup and on nights while you are getting all glammed up. 
From smokey eye to "no eye shadow" lids, every look can be done with this type of palette. 
They are easy to travel with, beautiful to look at and fun to use. For all neutral palettes virgins out there and for others interested in purchasing a new one, here is my list of excellent palettes.
Urban Decay Naked palettes
I feel people have talked about this one so much that even Aliens listening to Earth conversations know about it (they would probably buy it if they were using makeup). Enough about crazy Aliens theories and back to the topic, all Urban Decay Naked palettes are amazing,  you just can't go wrong with them. Shadow's texture is so soft it's almost a cream. Pigmentation is out of this world (pun intended) and names of the shades always cheer me up.
Too Faced Naked eye
I've already talked about this in my favourites post, with beautiful design, names of shades even more creative than Urban Decay's and same shadow quality this palette is truly a gem. It can be used by both beginners and pros, shades are very versatile.
Kiko Make up Milano Color Party Palette in 02 Generous Earth
I believe this one was limited edition, still these are one of the best shadows I've ever tried. They are incredibly silky, smooth and pigmented. One of the colours is purpully brownish nude, shade you don't find in neutral palettes that often.
Eyeshadows by H&M in Nudes
Little bit more on the neutral side, these are perfect for everyday looks and lazy makeup days. Packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly.
Oriflame Pure color eyeshadow palette in Nude&Grey
This is the palette I take with me when I travel. It takes almost no space but has eight shades inside, enough for every look I would want to do. Quality of these shadows is very good, they blend easily and stay on until you take your makeup off.