Remember the post about Sephora perfumes? Couple of days ago I was at Sephora repurchasing Coconut scented perfume (I also got Vanilla and it's pretty good but it still has nothing on Coconut) when I noticed these body lotions I never tried (I honestly don't know how they didn't catch my attention before).
 Since I am addicted to coconut scent I had to get that one. I have to say the smell is quite strong so if you are not in love with this smell it might be overwhelming at first. For coconut smell junkie like me it's just right.
This body lotion is light in texture but it does moisturize well. If your skin is very dry I am not sure it will give you enough moisture, I think it's better for other skin types.
The moment you apply it you can get dressed, without it being sticky or heavy. It doesn't leave any residue on the skin.
During the day scent will fade, at the end of the day you can barely smell it on the skin. However it will keep the skin moisturized even after the scent is gone.
 I am happy with this lotion, it hydrates enough, smells very nice and the fact that I can get dressed right after applying it is a huge plus. I only wish the smell of coconut could stay whole day long. If that was the case this would be my favourite body lotion.