With summer coming up it's time to talk bronzers. Spring usually makes us add a bit of bronze to our makeup and as summer is getting closer we are bronzing more and more.
 In order to avoid orange or muddy face you need a bronzer you can trust. These here are my favourites at the moment.
Sephora Sun disk bronzing powder in Light (01) If you want light contouring with a hint of bronzines this is the product for the job. Like the name of the shade says it's quite light, more orange than bronzers I normally use but that won't show once you apply it. This is not a matte bronzer, it has shimmering particles that make it to look very natural and glowy. You only need to apply it gently with contouring brush of your choice. It won't look uneven or washed out over the time. 
Dolce & Gabbana The Sicilian lace bronzer I wrote about this bronzer before, so you can read more about it here.
Bourjois Bronzing powder Another favourite from Bourjois. It looks like chocolate, smells like fake chocolate smell (delicious) and is pretty pigmented. This one is for heavy duty contouring, so avoid it if you don't want overly contoured face or if you are just learning the ropes of contouring.
 I tried using it with light hand and it just doesn't look good that way. It's amazing for heavy duty bronzing and contouring.
Too Faced Aqua Bunny is a bit different than the rest of the bunch, it's creamy and waterproof. Great product for those looks when you want to take it to the next level of bronzing and do the cream first and set it with powder. You can also use it if you contour before applying foundation. 
Aqua Bunny is indeed waterproof, I wore it at the beach and water has nothing on this bronzer. However, reapplying sunscreen will take it off. Good news is that it's sweatproof so you can wear it all summer long without worrying about your face bronzines disappearing.