When I first heard of baked blushes I didn't think much about it, I thought it was just another makeup gimmick. Sure, it sounded interesting but they looked just like ''normal'' blushes so I didn't try them. Recently, I researched beaked blushes a bit and decided to give them a chance.
 If you never heard of this type of blush, it's made by baking colored liquid (apparently on terracotta tiles) instead of pressing the powder like in regular blushes. In theory it should last longer than normal blush and gives more vibrant and vivid colour. Also, you can apply them wet for dewy or shimmery look. 
This time I was quite intrigued by the whole story behind baked blush and I just had to try them. 
I got two Bourjois baked blushes, in 37 Pompom Rose and 16 Love-struck Rose. These blushes look and smell really nice. Packaging is sturdy and practical, although the blushes are quite small which makes them hard to use with bigger brush. 
They are very pigmented and have nice texture. You do have to press a little harder to pick up the product, it's not that creamy like your normal blush. Colours look amazing on the skin, they are shimmery, but not sparkly. I just love how they look on, they give me healthy and dewy complexion. 
Personally I didn't notice colour lasting any longer than in my usual blush, they do last for a long time, but like I said same as my everyday blush. 
You can apply baked blushes wet to achieve more dewy look, I haven't tried that, I probably will in the future so I'll add a little update. 
Overall I really like baked blushes, they are pigmented, easy to apply and look fabulous on the skin. I will definitely try baked blushes from other brands soon!