If you want excellent light and strong hairspray, only thing you need to do is to get L'Oreal Elnett. It's perfect for both straight and wavy natural hairstyles. 
On the other hand, if you need super strong hairspray for hairdos that demand every hair to stay in its place Elnett shouldn't be your first choice, it just isn't strong enough. 
My two favourite stronghold hairsprays are Bed Head by Tigi-Hard Head and Schwarzkopf Taft 3 Weather Power & Fullness hair spray in Mega strong
Using super strong hairsprays can be tricky. You shouldn't spray them too close to the hair, or you may end up with sticky and incredibly stiff hair. 
If you spray them from reasonable distance you'll get perfect hold and hair that won't move an inch. 
Also, be careful while spraying because these hairsprays leave little dots on any surface they fall on and that can be hard to clean. If you want that amazing updo that will last for a whole day you have to use super strong hairsprays, especially if you have thin hair.