I thought it might be fun do do ''What's in my bag'' post, I never did one and I love watching what is in other people's bags (as weird as it sounds). Right know I am carrying this bag from Furla (I don't know the name of this model) it's just the right size for me, not too big or too small. 
I use to carry super big bags with so many unnecessary things inside and it made my shoulder hurt really bad and my posture worse than it already is. After that I switched to small bags, and I couldn't fit anything in them, only my phone and wallet. 
This bag is the perfect balance, I have everything I need and my shoulder doesn't hurt even after a whole day of carrying the bag around. Also, I love the long strap, I feel like my hands are free when I have a bag with  a long strap. 
So here is what I normally carry in my bag, I try to keep it very organised. Of course from time to time it gets full of receipts and other things I don't need so I need to clean it out, that's the normal life cycle of a hand bag.

A good book I like to have a book with me at all times, you never know when you'll have time to read. Especially in long lines. I like to carry a book that's not hardcover, because it's lighter.
An agenda At all times I try to be as organised as possible, so having an agenda is very helpful. I like the ones that are plane so you can write your own dates and schedule. This one is from Carpisa.
My makeup bag I keep all my makeup and other essentials in this makeup bag from Sephora. It also has mirror attached to it which is very handy. I will do a separate post about things I carry in my makeup bag.
Sunglasses My eyes are  very sensitive since I started wearing contacts so I have to wear sunglasses in sunny weather otherwise my eyes will start to tear. Currently I'm wearing my tortoise shell Wayfarer.
Wallet Every bag needs a wallet, I got this one a while ago from Accessorize, they still have this model, only in white and purple. I love that it has a strap so I can carry it around my wrist when I need to.
A phone Again, an essential for surviving in today's world.
Hand cream When my hands feel dry I like to use hand cream as soon as possible so I have it in my bag at all times. This is just a regular cream form Dove that I use as hand cream.
Gum I always have some gum in my purse, preferably teeth whitening gum because I like my teeth to be super white.
A pen Although I carry a pen with my agenda I like to have a spare one.
Keys I just realised I took my keys out and forgot to put them back for the picture, but let's pretend they are there.
Perfume atomiser with my favourite perfume and Yves Rocher Coconut perfume because I like to spray them whenever I have the chance.