Couple of days ago I realised I've never mentioned L'Oreal Infallible eye shadows on my blog. And I can't believe I haven't, they are really great eye shadows. 
This isn't a new product and when L'Oreal introduced them they claimed these shadows are waterproof, creaseproof and incredibly long lasting (24 h lasting to be precise). I didn't buy them for any of the reasons mentioned, I was fascinated with the texture of these shadows. 
They are loose shadows pressed in the packaging so they look solid. When you try to swatch them you realise that the shadow is loose (and incredibly smooth and creamy). 
This texture makes them tricky to apply, there is a lot of fallout, but it is all worth it, they look amazing on the lids, thanks to great pigmentation and very shimmery colour. 
Packaging also looks very nice, it's transparent so you can see the colour without opening the shadow.
After a trial period they proved to be everything that was promised: long lasting and creaseproof (I'm not sure if they are waterproof I never had a chance to test that). 
The thing I like the most about Infallible eye shadows are colours. I like every single one, L'Oreal did a great job in creating the colours. 
I recommend getting Eternal Black, Burning Black and Forever Pink, these colours are very wearable and versatile. Eternal Black is perfect for shimmery smokey eye, Burning Black can create very glamorous eye looks and Forever Pink is the shade for those days when you want shimmery eye look that isn't too overwhelming.