You have pretty, thin scarf scarf that you never wear because you're just not sure how to tie it? Say no more, here are different ways and ideas on how to wear one.
 These tips are for long, skinny scarfs which usually lot of people don't wear because they are not sure how. If you have regular thick scarf you probably know how to wrap it around your neck. 
Thin scarfs are a bit tricky to wear, if you wear them as you would a thicker scarf it looks funny. After a while trying to wear it you might wonder why would anyone buy that skinny scarf? 
Don't lose hope, there are plenty of ways to tie a skinny scarf.

Scarf as head band
I can't tell you how many times I overslept, had no time to wash my hair and ended up making quick ''mesy'' bun glammed up with scarf head band. I also wear it with a braid, when it's too hot outside and I don't want to style my hair with heat (why add heat to already hot day) so I braid it and add scarf for that ''I spent some time on styling my hair'' look. Whenever you are not happy with the way your hair style turned out, feel free to use good old scarf head band, there's no hair disaster it can't solve.

Tied around the neck
I know it can look a bit pretentious, but scarf around the neck looks very nice and effective if you wear it with the right clothes. White perfectly ironed shirt (or cashmere sweater) and neck scarf may be too much Bree Van De Kamp meets french Bree Van De Kamp. Relaxed outfit and neck scarf on the other hand may look great. You can wear it wrapped around the neck and tied once with loose ends, or you can tie the ends into a bow, both will look good.

Scarf as a belt
Wearing a monochrome outfit and you're not sure if it looks too plain? You want to add something to a simple look to make it interesting but still casual? Try using scarf as a belt. This also works if you gained or lost some weight and your old belts don't fit anymore, scarf belt fits any size and looks very chic.

A la Carrie Bradshaw
If you've seen the episode of Sex and the city where Carrie wears a scarf wrapped around her arm you'll know what I'm talking about. In my fashion experience scarf around arm looks the best with strapless tops (and that's exactly how Carrie wore it). This is a great way to use your scarfs in the summer when wearing them around your neck sounds like a very bad idea.