Red nails and gel nail polishes are my two latest obsessions so I had to try Maybeline Super stay 7 days Gel nail colour in Passionate red.
 I like the brush a lot, it's a bit on the wider side but it's very easy to apply the polish with it. The tip of the brush is rounded so it fits the bottom of the nail perfectly. 
Texture of the polish is quite liquidy, one layer will cover the nails but for stronger color you need two to three layers. It dries very fast. I read other reviews and some people complained about it drying too slow, however I had no problems with that. Maybe they were using a different colour, sometimes different shades of the same nail polish don't have same texture. 
Color looks great on the nails, I am in the phase where I love light red nail polishes and this one might be my favourite. It looks shiny even though I didn't apply top coat. 
It chips way less than any Maybelline nail polish I own, I painted my nails five days ago and they look almost perfect (I have barely noticeable chip on my right index finger). And that's all without any top or base coat which is pretty impressive.
 I can't wait to try some other colours, this could easily become my favourite drugstore nail polish.