Choosing a perfect beach outfit can be stressful if you don't have much time to prepare for a holiday. Especially if you are busy with work or exams. 
It happened to me so many times that I was super busy and just wanted to go on a holiday and relax and then two day before the trip I would realise I don't have any outfits figured out. Then the packing mayhem begins. 
The only way to prevent last minute bikini shopping (never a good idea) and trying out all the shorts you have to see which one screams beach more is to plan ahead. 
Buying a swimsuit on sale in October may seem crazy but is actually a brilliant idea. Of course, you don't actually have to buy it in October (although I did once), but you get the idea. 
Buy any beach related items all year long, whenever you see something you like or think you may want to wear in years to come. Now, I know trends are changeable, personally I don't pay much attention to them and if you do that's not a problem. Most trends last for couple years in a row so you can get away with last years swimsuit and other necessities. 
My other tip would be: search your closet. You may already have everything you need. Plain white oversized shirt is a great beach cover up. Flowy kimono you bought during kimono craze will go with any bikini and pair of shorts you have.
 If you do both of the things I mentioned last thing to do is to plan the outfits. Start two weeks before the trip paring the things you already have. That way you'll still have time to do last minute shopping if there's something you're missing.
In next couple weeks I will post my favourite beach outfits so you can get some ideas and inspiration for creating your own looks.
Here's the first look, minimalistic and a bit boho. Wearing a black bikini can be a challenge, if you want to do it there's only one thing you need to have on mind: make sure it doesn't look like a bra. Simple black bikini with interesting top part is my favourite kind of swimsuit. 
Once you choose your perfect bikini you are pretty much set, just choose the rest of the outfit. Denim shorts and kimono look great together and you can't go wrong with Wayfarer's and wrap around sandals. 
For a hat I opted for a turban, which is more interesting than your typical straw hat but still not too much for the beach. 
I love this outfit it's simple but sophisticated and elegant. If you are more of vivid colours for the beach type of person, stay tuned new beach outfits idea coming up next week.

Swimsuit: Women'secret
Kimono: Prophecy Graphic print kimono
Shorts: Mango
Sandals: Asos Francisco sandals
Turban: Asos
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer