I saw this tag and thought it might be fun to do. Also, summer is close so it's time to go through shoes you have and see if you'll need a new summer pair for this year. 
Besides pretty obvious comfortable flip-flops these are the shoes I wear the most during summer and I think are the most practical footwear for hot summer days. 

Comfortable heels 
In my experience only heels worth wearing during the summer are sandals with low heel. They are good for both day and night outfits, you can wear them when you go out or just when you want to add a bit more to your look. 
Make sure to find a comfortable pair, there's nothing worse than painful feet and blisters on a hot, busy day. These I got from Zara, they are from this year's collection. You can get them in white or gold. 
Heel is very sturdy so they are easy to walk in, but you have to break them in before spending a whole day wearing them.

Flip-flop sandals
One of the greatest hybrids in footwear department flip-flops + sandals combine the best features of those two shoe types. They go the best with boho and hippie looks and with simple shorts and t-shirt outfits. My favourite pair is from Aldo.

Simple black sandals
For minimalistic summer looks you need minimalistic sandals. I love simple sandals, they are easy to combine and super comfortable. Asos Flock leather sandals are a great choice, they are made of real leather and look so simple and elegant.

Wrap around sandals
When you think about perfect summer outfit, light dress with wrap around sandals is one of those effortless but chic looks that pops up in your mind. That's why Asos Francisco sandals made the list. They will add a bit of je ne sais quoi to any simple summer dress you have.

Cute beach shoes
I normally wear flip-flops on the beach, but couple of years ago I started wearing other shoe types that are ''beach apropriate''. Now, this last pair had nothing I look for in a shoe. Actually all about these shoes said I would hate them, they are pink, have a bow and are jelly. But somehow I fell in love with them and had to have 'em. 
I wear them with dark blue bikini and pink accessories (which I had to purchase when I bought the shoes because I didn't own anything pink) to match. My beach flats are from Accessorize
Jelly shoes had a great comeback so you can easily find a pair you like to wear on beach holiday. 
And there's nothing like channeling your inner jellys loving child (I admit when I was little I loved jellys as much as the next kid).

I had a hard time choosing only five shoe types for this tag, a lot of great shoes didn't make the cut, like gladiator sandals or espadrilles but I chose the shoes I wear the most, not the prettiest ones.
What are your top five summer shoes?