Fruit salad is a perfect summer meal or snack, full of vitamins, easy to make and delicious. This is my favourite fruit salad I make all the time, for breakfast or light lunch. 

You'll need:
-1 apple
-1 banana
-half of lemon
-couple of strawberries

Wash the apple and cut it in small squares. You can peel the apple first if you want, but I like it with skin. Squeeze the lemon over the apple, that way it won't get brown. Peel off the banana and cut it in circles. Wash the strawberries, clean them and then cut them in circles too. Put all the fruit in a bowl, then add as much honey as you want. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top. I know most people consider cinnamon a winter spice, I love it and use it all year long, it tastes so good with fruit. The salad tastes the best if you eat it right away, you can put it in refrigerator for couple minutes first. 
P.S. Cherries don't go into the salad, they are in the pictures purely for decoration.