When I did my ''What's in my bag'' post I didn't show what's in the makeup bag I carry with me, I thought it would be too much for one post. So here it is, all makeup and beauty necessities that are in my everyday makeup bag. I never take this bag out of my purse, from time to time I'll add or eliminate some products, but basically most of the time content of my bag is similar to this.

Powder. We girls with oily skin have to blot, so carrying a blotting powder is a must. Right now I am using Dream Mat Powder from Maybelline, it's excellent for touch ups. What I like the most about this powder is that it has a puff (in separate container from the powder) that you can actually use to apply the product. That way you don't need to carry a kabuki brush with you.

Cream blush. Only blush you can use on the go is cream blush. You just apply it with your fingers you are set. My favourite cream blushes are from NYX, this one is in shade Boho Chic, which is very natural pink.

Mini mascara. Every time I get mascara samples I save them for my makeup bag. It's very practical to have mascara at all times, to add extra layer if you left the house in rush and didn't have time to apply mascara properly or just to use it if you have no makeup on and want some mascara to brighten up your eyes. This one is from Sephora, it's called Outrageous volume mascara.

Mini perfume. In addition to other mini perfumes I have in my bag, I carry small Sephora perfume in my makeup bag. I feel like I've talked about mini perfumes a bit too much on my blog, but I love them so much.

Eye shadows. I always have two eye shadows with me: neutral one and the one that can transform day look into night look. At the moment my neutral shadow is Oriflame Mono Eyeshadow Essentials in Latte and the other one is Rimmel Colour Rush Mono Eyeshadow in Glitzed.

Lip stuff. Most of the space in my makeup bag is reserved for lip products. I like to have a lot to choose from when I want to use a lipstick and I also carry the lipstick I am wearing that day for touch ups.
In addition to lipsticks I always have Labello or some other lip balm, my favourite Labello is Camomile&calendula.
When I took the photos these lipsticks were in my makeup bag:
Rimmel lasting finish lipstick by Kate Moss in 08
Kiko Make up Milano Smart lipstick in Rosewood (913)
MAC Captive (satin finish) and Diva (matte finish) lipsticks
Kiko Make up Milano Velvet Mat Satin lipstick in 313
Deborah Glossy stick in 02

Bobby pins and hair clips. You never know when you'll need them so it's good idea to have some at hand.

Little shadow brush. It's a very bad idea to apply eyeshadow with dirty fingers, so you should always have some applicators or a small brush. Super small brush is great to use on the go. My sister actually gave me this one, it came in set of 6 mini brushes from Ecotools.