If I was asked to name my two most precious beauty secrets, I would have to say washing the face with cold water in the morning and, of course, camomile face steam. 
For years and years it was an important part of my skincare regime and my skin couldn't live without it. When I first started doing face steams at home, I was very young, I think I was twelve or thirteen. I'm not sure where I heard about them or why in the world I thought it was good idea to steam my face. It turned out to be an amazing idea. 
Occasionally I did wonder if my skin was too young for such a treatment, but while all my friends started to have puberty acne, pimples and blackheads my skin was spotless. Once in a million years I would have a small pimple on my forehead or chin but other than that I had no problems. 
Back then I didn't think the steam was working its magic on my skin, I thought I was just one of those lucky people with perfect skin. However, my skin was still oily but I didn't put too much thought into it. 
After few years of steaming my face I heard a shocking (well, as mush as beauty related information can be shocking) information from my sister. Apparently, she heard steaming your face will make your pores huge and you can never shrink them back.
Needless to say I was disappointed because I had to let one of my best non human friends go. Still I cut out the steam from my regime. Next thing I know, my skin is covered in breakouts and my pores are actually larger! At that time I didn't think it was because I stopped steaming my face, I thought a new skin care product or makeup was breaking me out. I couldn't do anything to stop the breakouts, just as one pimple was gone another one will appear. 
Only thing I could think of was to go back to steaming my face, so I did and I never stopped again! I even did some research, and it turns out steaming your face at home can't in any way harm the skin. Steam at beauty salons can be harmful, it's too hot and full of chemicals but at home version is a whole different story. Now when we have this steam story/steam disclaimer behind us let's get into the details of making your own steam. 

How often should you do it? Once a month is just enough, I used to do it once a week but that may be a bit too much for the skin. 

What do you need for the steam? You'll need water, camomile tea, a bowl (the deeper the better) and a towel.

How to do it? Remove all the makeup and oil and cleanse (very gentle) the face. Firs check how mush water will you need. It's the best for the bowl to be half full. Boil the water and add tea. I use two or three tea bags, you can use either bags or leaves, it doesn't matter. Leave it for a while, for tea to brew and to get a bit cooler, you don't want to use super hot tea, you might burn your face! When it's cooler pour it in a bowl and get ready for steaming. 
Put the bowl on the table, sit in you comfortable chair and keep your face above the bowl with towel covering your head. You can listen to the music while your face is steaming, it will help you relax even more. After about 10 to 15 minutes you can remove the towel and follow with a mask or a scrub. I like to pluck my eyebrows first, it's so much easier when pores are ''opened'' and then to apply clay mask to get all the dirt and oil out. When I remove the mask I use my moisturizer and go to sleep. In the morning my skin looks glowing and smooth.

What do you think about face steams, did you try them?