When it comes to mineral makeup I have to admit I didn't experiment with it much. For a while I was intrigued by mineral powders since they are silicone, parabene (and other preservatives) and fragrance free. The whole point behind mineral makeup is that minerals are processed into small particles that are then used to create makeup.
Mineral makeup is well known as natural and healthier substitute for traditional makeup which is often full of unnecessary ingredients. Ive never used any mineral makeup until I tried Bare Minerals powders. They are pioneers in mineral makeup and one of most raved about brands on the market.
Their Matte foundation caught my eye because I was in a phase where I wanted my face to look extremely matte. Bottom line is it won't make your face super matte, but from this point of view I don't mind that because these days I'm more into dewy looks.
First thing that crossed my mind while I was deciding whether to buy this foundation or not is how messy will it be to use it. It turned out it isn't too messy, packaging is very nice and it has a protective lid inside which is very helpful in keeping all the powder inside its container. You do need time to get used to using it, I shake the powder on the main lid and then apply it with a brush.
 The powder itself has a strange texture, at least to me probably because I'm not using mineral makeup that often. Like I said it took me a while to learn how to apply it so it looks decent.
It has SPF 15 which is definitely a plus. It will give you medium to full coverage it's not the powder you can apply with a light hand, the texture itself won't allow it. On my skin it didn't look the way I expected, my face wasn't matte but I liked the overall result.
The trouble started later because this powder just wasn't enough for my oily face. By the middle of the day my skin was oily and cakey and you can't reapply a light layer of this foundation, it would only make your face more cakey.
 I even tried to wear it with more mattifying moisturizers but it didn't help. Bare minerals Matte is probably not the best fit for my skin, still it is a nice foundation for the skin that is less oily.
I liked the coverage and complexion it gave me, if it only lasted the whole day on my skin it would make me fall in love with mineral makeup.