Oh, the beach bag. In the same time trouble, fashion detail, necessity and source of summer back pain if you load it with too much stuff (wet towel included, I've never seen myself as one of those people who carry their towel in hands on the way back from the beach). 
Don't forget all the space in your suitcase it will take up if you choose a bag that's too bulky.
 Those of you who never thought much about beach bags may wonder where is the trouble? If you are like me you'll know it takes time to find a good bag, one that looks nice, can fit a lot of stuff, looks good with all of your beach outfits and, most important, wont break after two trips to the beach (we've all been there with broken straps on a nice bag we tried to pass as beach bag). 
Also it has to be inexpensive. Why take pricey bag to the beach? It will end up full of sand, scratched and oily from sunscreen anyways. 
I actually found this bag eight years ago at Accessorize and it still serves me well! Handles are a bit worn out and I don't mind that because the bag looks as good as new, is big enough for all the stuff I need, still it isn't too big so it's impossible for me to overload it (I tend to do that with bags). 
On the same subject, what to carry in your beach bag? After years of taking absolutely unnecessary items to the beach, I narrowed it down to only couple necessities. I know some of you probably already came back from your vacation, but on the other hand lot of you are going on vacation in September so my beach bag necessities may inspire you to organize your own bag. 
Here they are:

You can't go to the beach without sunglasses. They are not just a fashion piece, you actually need them. Especially if, like me, you wear your prescription sunglasses on the beach. I know all of us contact wearers wore contacts on the beach on one or many occasions and all of us know that is not a good idea at all. Prescription sunglasses are much better choice and you can get prescription lenses for almost every frame. Mine are from Diane Von Furstenberg and I really like them.

-A towel
I know some resorts and hotels have their own towels, but I always carry my own no matter where I go, from wild beaches to organised resort beaches. I guess it's just the habit I have. 
Perfect towel should be thick so you can comfortably lay on it, but not too thick or it will be impossible to pack especially when it's wet. Also it should be long enough so your feet won't end up in sand. 
As far as the colour goes I used to think my bathing suit has to match my towel (I know, it sounds too fashion ocd), now I'm much more relaxed and I just pick the colour of the towel I like (ok, I admit, it has to be similar to to most of my bathing suits colours). 

-Beach beauty bag
In this bag I keep all of my sunscreens, lip balms, hair pins and other beach beauty essentials, because I like them to be organised and at one place. I will do a separate post about all the stuff I carry in my beach beauty bag.

-Water bottle
Beach bars will have cocktails, coffee and water but it's smart to carry your own bottle so you can hydrate on your way to the beach or in case you are exploring some wild and deserted beaches (it that case bring snacks as well, swimming always makes you hungry). I carry my Bobble because it filters the water and is very handy.

-Phone and headphones
Even if you want to disconnect from technology, calls, emails and social media it's good to have your phone so you can listen to the music, find directions if you get lost in foreign country or just take some nice pictures.

-Something to read 
I always have a book, magazine or both in my bag. For me there's nothing more relaxing than reading on the beach (except maybe a bubble bath). Make sure your book isn't too heavy, it will be easier to carry.

What do you carry in your beach bag? Any other tips on how to make a beach bag more organised?