Brush cleaning is one of main topics in the beauty community. No wonder, clean brushes are essential for doing your makeup well. Or at least for keeping breakouts at bay, using dirty brushes is never good for your skin. This post is going to be about cleaning routine for the brushes I use on myself. When I do makeup on other people I wash those brushes before I do their makeup and after, as should every makeup artist. 
Routine is a bit different for the brushes I use while doing my own makeup, I don't ''deep wash'' all of them every day. I only wash brushes I used  for liquid products. Instead of washing them I use brush cleaner. This way brushes last longer, if you wash them too much you may damage the bristles. The one I am using right now is Sephora Daily Makeup brush cleaner and I quite like it. I spray the cleaner directly on the brush and then rub it gently with a kleenex. I keep repeating this until brush is clean. 
Once in couple days (usually when I notice brushes are not as clean) I wash my brushes using mild shampoo. Gentle baby shampoo like Johnson's Baby shampoo is the best for brushes. Make sure bristles are facing down while you are washing a brush, otherwise water may get inside and dissolve the glue that is holding the bristles in place. 
Use lukewarm water, get only the bristles wet, put a drop of shampoo on your palm go over the shampoo with a brush in circle motions and then rinse it with water again.
 Be careful while drying the brushes, again leave them facing down or laying flat on a towel. Usually it is enough to leave them over the night and in the morning they will be dry. Some larger brushes may take a bit longer to dry. 
If your brushes are too dirty or hard to clean leave them in makeup remover for a while, it will dissolve all the makeup and then wash them normally. Best way to do this is to pour little bit of remover (micellar water works as well) in a glass and then leave the brush inside for couple of minutes. After leaving it in remover wash the brush as you normally would.