Beauty trends is a phrase you probably hear all the time. Every season we see new trends on runway, in beauty magazines and on the streets (big brows first appeared in real life). 
Recently I've read an interesting article about most popular beauty trends that always reappear and it inspired me to write this post. 
Most of them never went out of style and we wear them every day without even thinking about it. Here are some of them that were mentioned in an article that I think are the most interesting.

1) Black eyeliner Most of us wear it every day, it compliments every makeup look well. It's been here for the longest time (even from Ancient Egypt) and it actually never went out of style. 

2) Red lipstick In the last couple years red lipstick came back to every girl's makeup bag, but before its newest craze it was popular during previous makeup eras as well.

3) Smokey eyes If you own more than one eyeshadow chances are that you at least once did a smokey eye look. Although every year brings different version, smudging eyeshadow around your eyes in order to get effortless but chic eye look is as old as first eye shadows.

4) Blue eyeshadow This one surprised me a bit, I don't wear it that much, still looks like it is one of most popular eye shadow colours.

5) Brow game You probably noticed brows are getting larger and sharper every minute. This can sometimes look more disturbing than flattering in the same way too thin and almost invisible brows can. That doesn't change the fact brow shaping is one of the biggest trends. Plucking, tweezing, filling, drawing, playing with your brows will always be an interesting beauty activity.

6) Tan Self tanning, tanning beds, sun bathing, bronzers, you name it. All in order to get that perfect shade of brown. Now days tanning is much safer, we use spray tans and self tanners instead of other dangerous tanning methods but the point is the same. Since it became popular tan never actually went away, only the intensity of it and tanning ways changed.