The truth is you can't wear all perfumes all year long. A scent that is too strong for summer may be perfect for winter and a fresh, cooling perfume can't work well for autumn. So what are the perfect perfumes to wear in cold, windy and rainy weather but will still smell nice while you are inside with warm cup of tea and a good book? I am pretty picky when it comes to scents and I don't experiment with them much, these are my favourites for every autumn.

1)Dolce&Gabbana The One One of my all time favourite perfumes. This year they even launched limited edition packaging for both female and male version of the scent. It really is an unique smell, main notes are litchi, mandarin orange, peach and bergamot. I am not that good at describing scents, it's definitely warm rich scent that is still fresh and not to overwhelming. Some people are avoiding this perfume because they don't want to smell like everyone else and it's been a popular scent for a while, chances are that a lot of perfume lovers have it but I promise it smells different on everyone. Actually it really changes depending on who's wearing it.

2)Burberry The Beat Like most of my favourite perfumes this one was discovered by my sister. She is the perfume expert in our family and is always discovering the most wonderful scents. After she bought it I had to have it, smell is mesmerising. Mandarin orange and bergamot are again one of main notes and I didn't know that before I started researching for this post. Other main notes are pink pepper and cardamom. This perfume smells very modern and new to me (if scents can smell like that), if The One was The Renaissance, The Beat would be minimalism. 

3)Roberto Cavalli Serpentine The strongest scent of the bunch, this one should be used carefully or it may be too overwhelming. Sadly, it is discontinued, I still have some left because my sister got the last ones when she heard it will be discontinued. Weird coincidence is that all of three scents I picked as my autumn favourites have mandarin orange as their main note. Artemisia, Tahitian gardenia and mango blossom are the rest of main notes. Smell is quite intense but when it evaporates it smells luxurious and light.