Another gem I discovered in Paris. I like trying different eye creams, if you want to see others I like a lot, here's my post about eye creams.
Back to the subject, I couldn't wait to try this one but I was waiting until I used my old eye cream up (we all know you will never use that little bit that is left once you open a new product). I am a huge fan of Caudalie products so I knew I will like this cream.
 Packaging is like any other Caudalie packaging, simple and practical.
Texture is quite thick and it has no smell. I use it in the both morning and evening. When you apply it it takes a while for skin to soak it up, which can be a problem if you are in a rush to get ready in the morning.
On the other hand it makes it a great night cream, because it can work its magic during the night.
You can use your concealer over it and it won't smudge on top of it, but like I said you have to make sure you give the cream time to work before applying concealer.
Formulation is supposed to fight wrinkles, firm under eye and lip area and help reduce the dark circles. It did firm my under eye area a bit and my skin is nicely hydrated and it doesn't look tyred or grayish. I didn't notice it reduced my dark circles, but they are not that prominent so it's not a huge minus. Although I may say it did make my under eye area less puffy. If I have to pick a use for this cream I would say it's a perfect night eye cream, still it works great for day time if you use it right.