Oh, growing your hair. The most exhausting and time consuming beauty routine. Couple of years ago I cut my hair really short and grow it from the length of only couple inches to the length I have today. It takes time but can be done. I follow these steps and for me they work every time I'm growing the hair.

1) Eat healthy, the more proteins you eat the longer will your hair be. I know, I know eating healthy seems to be solution for everything these days but it does work in most of the cases!

2) Cut your hair often, it's not only an old wives's tale, cutting couple inches of your hair every six months will help it grow more.

3) Don't comb your hair while it's wet! This is crucial, what I do is brush my hair before I wash it then I wait until it's damp and brush it again. Brushing it while it's wet will only break it.

4) Don't wash the hair every day. Wash it every other day, or every third if you can. Your hair needs its natural oils and it's not good to wash them all out.

5) Get rid of the silicones from time to time. Most of the hair products contain silicones that make your hair look good. Over the time silicones build up and you need to remove them or the products you are applying won't work anymore. Use silicone free shampoo to wash your hair, I do it once or twice a month. How to know if your shampoo contains silicone? Most of the shampoos do, it's marked dimeticone or dimethiconol (or any other word ending with cone) in the ingredients list. The best ingredient for removing silicone is cocamidopropyl betaine (marked on the packaging as coco-betaine) so look for shampoos that have it in the ingredients list.

6) Double conditioning is the key. I use two conditioners or a conditioner and a hair mask every time I wash my hair. I probably use mask and conditioner one out of three times I wash my hair and two conditioners every time I'm not using the mask. It may seem like it's too much, but I think that's the main reason I am able to grow my hair this long. First I apply conditioner and then I put my hair in a bun and leave it while I shave my legs. Then I wash it off and apply second conditioner (or a mask) leave in on for a while and wash it off.

7) Don't use hair ties with metal parts. Try finding hair ties that are soft and have no metal or plastic parts. It breaks the hair when you tie it with hair ties like that.

8) Always use heat protectants while styling. This one is pretty self explanatory, it's no secret heat damages the hair.

9) Try skipping styling with heat every time you can. When you don't have to use heat, skip it, your hair will be grateful.

10) Avoid tight buns. Don't wear your hair in the bun all the time, try to make looser buns when you are at home and save tight elaborate hairstyles for special occasions.

11) Use coconut oil mask. I wrote about coconut oil here, I apply it all over my hair at night and wash it off in the morning, it really makes a difference.

12) Don't dye the hair too often. I dye my hair once a month or even once in two months. Its hard to avoid it if you like to play with colour, but try to keep it at minimum.