Halloween is getting closer and I thought it would be fun to do couple of makeup inspiration posts for all of you who are not sure what costume to pick for this year. 
Although Halloween is not my favourite holiday (that place is reserved for Christmas) I enjoy costume parties especially if my costume includes makeup (and almost all of costumes I pick do!). 
I have to admit this year I didn't have much inspiration for my costume, my mind is still in summer mood. Only yesterday I felt like autumn is really here while I was walking over fallen leaves (I know this sounds like the hugest cliche ever, but in this case it's true). 
Although I wasn't in Halloween mood I knew I wanted to do geisha makeup, I love the way they look, from kimonos and hairstyles to their makeup. I didn't try to mimic classical geisha look, instead I did my own twist and did more of geisha inspired look. If you have a kimono or a robe that can be used for this costume just add makeup and you are ready for Halloween!
First, make sure your face is clean, if your skin is oily like mine be sure to cleanse well. I didn't apply moisturiser because if I did white on my face wouldn't be this intensive. 
For my face I've used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk. You can buy white face colour if you want but I didn't think it was necessary for the look, instead I decided to use the product I already had. 
Colour your face like you would colour a picture on paper, in gentle strokes until your whole face is covered. Blend the lines gently with your finger. After this blot your face with white eyeshadow. This way the colour will stay in place and your face will look more radiant, especially if the shadow is a bit shimmery. I used Bourjois Little round pot eyeshadow in 90 Blanc Diaphane for bloting. If you want your makeup to stay on very long, finish off with setting powder, I used Artdeco Fixing Powder. 
Main feature of geisha makeup is red eyeshadow. I first applied NYX  Jumbo pencil all over my lids and then I used shadows from Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette. You can apply the shadows any way you want, I first draw the winged shape and then I blend the shadow until I get the look I wanted. Because I was doing the dramatic geisha eye I added black lines under my eyes and in the crease.  For this I used MAC Carbon eyeshadow. Geisha brows are usually black and red so I lined my brows with black shadow from Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette and I added a bit of red to the start of my brow. You can skip eyeliner if you want, but I love using eyeliner so much that I couldn't skip this part. I usedBourjois Liner Pinceau in 33 Brun impressionniste (only because I ran out of the black one and I couldn't find a black shade anywhere so I bought brown one, but it's so dark that it almost looks black) and Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil on my waterline. I thought fake lashes would be too overwhelming for this look so I didn't wear them, only one coat of Gosh Show me volume mascaraFinishing touch is of course red lipstick, here I used MAC Viva glam I lipstick