In September I've used a lot of my old favourites and couple of new ones. Almost all of them are skincare and makeup products and one jewelry favourite.

Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder
I love this powder, last month I've been wearing it every day. It looks really nice and isn't too heavy on my skin. 

Benefit High Beam highlighter 
Instead of my usual highlighter (MAC Cream colour base) for a while I've been using Benefit's High Beam. I usually wear it in autumn and winter because it's too intense for summer and spring.

Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate lipstick in 102 and 109
Last month I felt like wearing more colourful makeup and I was looking for lipsticks in vivid colours. These seemed interesting, so I decided to try them. Shades are very nice and texture is amazing. 

OPI Nail polish in Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. 
Autumn is a time for darker shades, but I didn't switch to them yet, instead I am wearing neutral colours, like this one from OPI.

Benefit Browzings in Light
For my brows I like to use any dark brown eyeshadow I have at the moment. From time to time I'll go back to Browzings and fill my brows the way you're supposed to when you have brown hair, that means brows should be one or two shades lighter than your hair.

Tiffany Vintage oval key pendant and necklace 
I love this pendant and after a phase where I try all kinds of necklaces I usually get back to wearing just one necklace all the time. This month it was this one.

Bioderma Crèaline TS H2O micellar water
This is the same product as Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I started using it again in September, before that I've been trying out different micellar waters, but I went back to Bioderma. Although there are a lot of Bioderma dupes, none is as good as the real thing.

Caudaliè Beauty elixir 
Since I came back from Paris I've started to use Beauty elixir again and I just love how it makes my skin look glowy and fresh.

Alpha H Micro cleanse scrub
I have to say I've been a bit lazy when it comes to my skincare routine, especially when it comes to scrubs. Only scrub that I used often was this one. It is quite gentle but it exfoliates my skin enough.

Lush Sweet lips scrub
This is my all time favourite lip scrub. Whenever it gets cold my lips become very chapped so I have to exfoliate and hydrate them a lot. Sweet lips scrub does the job well and it also tastes good.