I wanted to write this post for a long time. MAC lipsticks are among my favourite lipsticks, most of the time, nine out of ten days I have a MAC lipstick on my lips. If you want to get just one thing from them I definitely recommend getting a lipstick. 
Lot of times people who never bought anything from MAC will ask me which lipstick shade to get. It's a tough question but here I narrowed it down to shades I couldn't live without.

Diva (matte finish) This is the loveliest dark bordeaux shade. If you like darker lipstick colours but you don't want to go too dark, this one is just right. It is a bit drying like almost all of matte finish shades from MAC so you do need to hydrate your lips before you apply this lipstick. Most of the time you won't need to reapply it, however if you had a long day or after eating and drinking it will need a bit of touch up. Just do it with a light hand, dab it over the lips a bit and it will again look flawless.

Viva Glam I (matte finish) My favourite red of all the red lipsticks! I love how it looks on my skin tone, it isn't to bright, too dark or too light. I usually apply two coats to get shade I want. Although it's a matte finish it isn't drying at all and sometimes I apply it without lip balm. Because it's not too dry it will smudge easier than other matte finish lipsticks so you'll need to reapply it during the day if you wear it for a day look.

Please me (matte finish) I bought this one while I was looking for perfect nude lipstick. For some reason I didn't buy the nude colour I was looking for, instead I got this one. It's nice, neutral pink that goes well with any kind of smokey eye. Texture is pretty dry, maybe the most drying of all MAC lipsticks I've tried. If you apply two coats it will definitely stay put.

Captive (satin finish) If I could have only one MAC lipstick I would pick this one. My sister first bought it  (in the same trip to MAC when I got Please me) and I kept borrowing it until I bought my own. Colour of this lipstick is amazing flesh colour with a hint of cold red undertone. I wear it all the time, every time I'm in rush I'll just reach for this lipstick. Colour is buildable, you can go with one natural layer or apply more for bold but still natural lips. It glides on smoothly and is very creamy and even hydrating.