If you've read my French beauty must haves post, you probably saw this creme in there. I first tried  it this summer and was really impressed with it! 
Packaging is quite nice, it's a tube made from metal and I like that type of packaging a lot because you always use all the product, you can bend the tube until you get the last bit of product out. 
Texture of the cream is amazing it's quite rich but light (yes, it's possible!) it's more of a gentle balm than a thick cream. 
It has no smell, which is always a good thing, you don't need added perfume on your face. 
I wasn't sure how my oily skin will react to this cream, it contains shea butter that can sometimes break me out. 
I bought this cream at first place to use it as a night cream. My skin is too oily to apply it as day cream. After I apply it I wait for a while until my skin completely soaks it up and then I go to sleep. Its texture is perfect for a night cream, it hydrates so well and after I wash my face in the morning it looks radiant and healthy. I've been using it for a month and it completely transformed my skin. It's more elastic and it looks nicer and smoother. 
Shea butter in it didn't break me out, even if you have oily skin you can use it with no worries. 
My friend who has very dry skin borrowed it while she was staying at my place, and she loved it as well, she even wore it as day cream, so if you have dry skin you can do that as well.