Some of the most beautiful jewelry is made with semi-precious stones. Every stone has unique colour and shape which means no piece of jewelry will be exactly the same. 
The story behind semi-precious stones is very interesting and long, people were always fascinated by them. They are not just pretty, they have many effects and purposes. Different stones have their own traits and works in a different way. 
There are the instructions on how to clean, store and wear each stone. Also you can find a lot of tips on how to pick the stone that is the best for you, some say you should choose according to your Zodiac sing, others recommend  different methods. In my opinion the stone that attracts you the most is the stone you should wear. For me that is turquoise, since I was a kid I loved jewelery with turquoise. Other stone I like a lot is onyx
Here I am wearing sodalite stone which was a birthday gift from my friends. Sodalite has interesting properties, it helps sharpen logic and intuition. It eliminates confusion, helps rational thinking and makes it easier to focus. It balances metabolism and makes your immunity stronger. You may not believe stones have all of these properties and only like them because they are pretty. 
Two ways of wearing them are popular, you can buy a stone you like and wear it on a chain or find a piece of jewelry that has a stone as a part of it. You just need to find a stone you like and wear it in a way that works for you.