If you've seen my last post about vintage finds, you know how much I love thrift shopping and finding unique  second hand and vintage pieces. Those who love thrift shopping will know what I am talking about. That rush when you find a nice silk blouse or perfect pair of jeans in a pile of clothes. 
Second hand pieces have a history and are usually better made than clothes today. Other kind of hunting for vintage pieces is going through your parent's or grandparents closets (with permission of course). One of mine nicest vintage pieces are actually my mum's. For this post I picked clothes I found recently that I thought will be interesting. 
First is the yellow Versace Classic V2 shirt that was actually my dad's, but he wasn't wearing it. I love wearing over sized male shirts with skinny jeans and ballet flats. The material of this shirt is amazing and I love the mustard colour.
Other two are a result of a thrifting venture I took with my friend last week. Next to me she developed a love for thrift shopping and she became so good at it that she was the one who found this peach silk slip in one pile and let me have it. When she dug it up she said it looks like something from Victoria's secret, and I think it's even prettier because it has a vintagy vibe. Best thing is the price, it costed less than a dollar!
In a pile next to hers I found this kimono type jacket. It actually looks nicer when it's ironed, I'm sorry, I had no time to iron it. I like how it's more casual than your normal suit jacket so I can dress it up or wear it with casual outfits. Suit jacket can often make your outfit looking too serious and that's not the case with this one.