Who doesn't like going to Sephora? The place is designed to get you to buy and want more and more beauty stuff every time you visit. Deciding what to get is a tough task. Although they sell a lot of other brands (and by lot I mean a million other brands) this post will be about my recommendations for products from Sephora brand only. I feel like they have a lot of good products and people often don't see it from all the other shinny packagings  (and I don't blame them). 

Here's the list of all of my Sephora brand favourites:

Sculpting disk Great product for beginners, in one product you'll get pressed powder, bronzer and highlighter. Powder and bronzer are very nice, colour of the powder is almost translucent and the bronzer is a bit dark but you can work with it. Highlighter is the dupe for Benefit Coralista blush, you can read more about it here.

Sun disk bronzing powder in Light (01) Very nice bronzer that comes in packaging so big that it looks like it's impossible to use it all up. You can read more about it in my post about bronzers.

Sephora Daily Makeup brush cleaner Like the name says, great for everyday use on your brushes. I explained how I clean my brushes with it in this post.

Sephora-Smoothing primer (paraben free) Primer that made it to my favourite primers list. If you don't have a face primer and you want to start using them, this one is a great way to begin.

Sephora mineral Foundation Compact Very nice compact powder with a great colour range. If you want to read more about it, here is a post where I wrote about this compact.

Mini perfumes I can't get enough of these, I always have at least one in my bag. Of course, they have their own separate post.

Eye shadows in Coffee brown and Universal beige Some of Sephora shadows I've tried were good, some bad and some average. These two are amazing! It pays off to have them in your collection.

Nail polish These little nail polishes from Sephora are actually pretty good! The tip of the brush is rounded and the brush itself is small which makes them supper easy to apply.

Eyelash curler If you are on a budget but you need a nice eyelash curler, this one won't disappoint you! I use it every day and I am really happy with it.

Brushes It is not a secret that you can buy some really nice brushes at Sephora. I picked the ones I use the most and those are: Crease 230 brush, Contour blush (43), Kabuki (50), Brow comb (11) and Brow brush (10).

And one products I thought I wouldn't mention, because I wanted this post to have 10 products and the other reason is that a lot of brands have the same product, but at the end I decided to include it in the post anyways. It's the Perfume atomiser, and you can read about it here.